Aerosinusitis plane headache symptoms

Aerosinusitis is a problem that can occur on a flight

Headaches are just one of the things that passengers experience during a long flight.

Along with this, popping ears and blocked noses can also occur.

However, a sore head could also be something else that many passengers may not realise.

Whilst not dangerous, it can cause severe pain and if left, could cause long-term problem that need surgery.

Called Aerosinusitis, it occurs when there is a difference in the pressure levels

Called Aerosinusitis, it occurs when there is a difference in the pressure levels inside the cavities of the human body as compared to the air pressure outside it.

It then causes a blockage which causes the sinuses to shrink, causing the problem.

It can also cause sharp pains all around the face, due to the blockage.

Travel blogger Mike from The Chronicles of Wanderlust stated that: “What began as a slight tickle and mild headache quickly evolved into sharp, piercing pain that I’ve never before felt in my life.”

Aerosinusitis plane headache symptoms

Aerosinusitis is caused due to the difference in pressure causing blockages in the sinuses

Medication to help sinus problems, including standard painkillers, can help prevent the symptoms.

A nasal decongestant spray is also used to alleviate the problems.

Having long hot showers before can also be useful as the moist air can keep the airways clear.

Otherwise, spicy food also works with cleaning sinus problems, and drinking water, not alcohol will have strong effects on the pain.

As with young children, chewing gum or sucking sweets can also help by opening up the air passages.

Aerosinusitis plane headache symptoms

Aerosinusitis can cause long term problems further down the line

Trying to stay healthy on planes can be difficult, but passengers can take steps to avoid many of the worst places on the plane known to harbour germs and illness.

The tray table is one to avoid without cleaning it first after it was found to be the dirtiest part of the plane.

It had more bacteria per square inch compared to the flush button on the toilet, the seat buckle and the overhead vent.

Using hand sanitizer on it before eating will help prevent catching any bugs from it.

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