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Holidaymakers should take a photo of this before heading on holiday

Holidaymakers can often worry if they have left their home safe and secure before a holiday.

From making sure the doors are locked and the windows are shut, it can be nerve-wracking when feeling there is something that hasn’t been done.

However, hack website Lifehacker has revealed a simple way to get over this fear before heading abroad.

It can be done with something as simple as a mobile phone.

Other worrying items that they fear they may not have switched off such as an iron or hair straightener

One of the biggest fears is making sure the oven is off, so taking a photo of it before heading on holiday can reassure travellers that they have turned the dials off and that they aren’t going to burn their house down.

This also applies to other worrying items that they fear they may not have switched off such as an iron or hair straightener.

The website states: “If your brain starts to play the “Did I really turn it off” game, you can simply tap your photo app and see for yourself.”

This can also be done for any other big worries that holidaymakers have when leaving the house for a long trip abroad.

holiday worry house safe

Holidaymakers should take a photo of their oven to avoid worrying that it has been left on

Security company Ring has also disclosed its top tips on how to keep a home safe and secure when it comes to going on holiday.

An estimated 16.2 million houses were left empty this summer, giving opportunists burglars an easy job.

One thing they recommend which many may not realise is to not leave a spare key.

Even if wanting to allow a family or friend to check in, leaving it somewhere inconspicuous could still easily be found by a burglar.

Instead, give them to one person to use so it is in their safekeeping.

holiday worry house safe

Holidaymakers can often worry about turning everything off, so photos can always help

The biggest and most successful way to keep a home safe over a holiday is to have outdoor security.

Not only does it allow homeowners to keep an eye on the building, but it will deter burglars altogether if they can see it won’t be an easy job.

Popular brands such as the Canary can put holidaymakers minds at ease.

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