hotel room advice secret stephen king

The best hotel room is on the top floor, according to author Stephen King

Deciding on which hotel room to book for a holiday can often be a tricky choice.

From the best view to being nearer to reception, it can depend on what holidaymakers prefer when trying to relax.

It author Stephen King has recently revealed his travel advice, as someone who often stays in a hotel for work.

He reveals why you should always pick a certain room when booking a hotel stay.

Always ask for a room on the end of the motel

King told the New York Times: “If it’s a three-story hotel, get a room on the top floor and then you don’t have to worry about the couple above you deciding they’re going to go at it all night long.”

He also explains other rooms you should pick when given the option.

He explained: “Always ask for a room on the end of the motel because the chances of having a party next door are a little less.”

Anyone looking for a more peaceful and quiet holiday should definitely take King’s advice.

hotel room advice secret stephen king

The top floor of a hotel means no ‘noisy’ neighbours, according to Stephen King

A hotel expert has also revealed that a door stop could save lives, something Stephen King fans will no doubt take advice when it comes to horror stories within hotels.

A simple £1 door stop could prevent anything from burglary to terrorist attacks.

Quroa user David Klain stated: ”When staying in a hotel, you can put that door stop under the door preventing someone from breaking in (the chain on the door will stop no one).”

He added: “In the case of a terrorist attack or lone gunman or active shooter incident, typically they will go through all rooms. But, if they can’t get the door open, move on to other rooms before working their way back to the doors that wouldn’t open.

“This buys you time for you to get away or police to respond. The doorstop can also be used in an office or other location should a situation take place.”

hotel room advice secret stephen king

Hotel rooms that aren’t at the end of the building could be ruined by partygoers

It’s not the only advice about hotels that holidaymakers should heed.

Many should also never use the kettle within the rooms when tempted to make a brew.

It was recently revealed that some guests may be using it for unsavoury things, such as washing their underwear in it.

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