Kayakers tend to perform the sport whilst in the water, what with the boats being made for the sea.

One man decided to do it his own way when in the conical boat.

A viral video on Imgur, which has been viewed nearly 300,000 times, shows the brave soul attempt the hilarious stunt.

Sadly it doesn’t go according to plan.

viral video kayak failImgur

A viral video shows the hilarious consequences of a kayak stunt gone wrong

He takes the first flight very slowly, as the stunt seems to be working

The video shows the young man at the top of a steep flight of steps being recorded.

As he pushes off, he takes the first flight very slowly, as the stunt seems to be working out well.

As he reaches the second flight, however, he quickly picks up both speed and height.

He then clears the third flight entirely, before crashing into the river at the bottom upside down.

viral video kayak failImgur

The video shows the kayaker become airborne as he surfs down the steps

Luckily he flips up again and appears unharmed if just embarrassed.

It’s not the first time an attempt to kayak on land has gone hideously wrong.

Another brave soul decided to surf down a muddy bank to try and get into the water.

He too suffers an unexpected ending.

viral video kayak failImgur

The video ends with the kayaker upside down in the river after crashing

The kayaker speeds down the bank, attempting to make it into the water.

The video in slow motion shows the panic on his face as he realises his mistake.

Instead of making it to the water, he ends up hitting something else entirely.

Viewers will no doubt find the painful fail funny.

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