The driver illegally cut off the lorry

The shocking footage was captured from the dash cam of a huge lorry as it sped along a busy road.

Cars were merging from the left lane as it become a single line of traffic.

But one small white car wasn’t content with the one-for-one rule.

The driver illegally zoomed up over the white lined section to cut off the semi-trailer.

Viral video driver merge traffic overtake lorryAUTOJUNK

Viral video: The driver of the white car tried to illegally merge in front of the lorry

But the lorry driver refused to let the small car disrespect the rules, instead speeding up to get in front before the car could properly merge.

The bizarre behaviour did not stop there – the white car’s driver took things one dangerous step further.

As all the vehicles on the road began to merge with two lanes on the left side, the white car suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The driver had ducked behind the lorry and zoomed up on the right side of it instead.

Viral video driver merge traffic overtake lorryAUTOJUNK

Viral video: Instead of staying behind the lorry the car zoomed up on the other side

Veering in a dangerous diagonal direction, the white car sped in front of the lorry.

The sudden onslaught caused the semi-trailer driver to slam on their brakes and swerve out, narrowly missing the small white car in front.

Since it was shared online, the footage has quickly gone viral.

Uploaded to Imgur, the video has been viewed over 268,000 times, with over 1,000 comments.

Viral video driver merge traffic overtake lorryAUTOJUNK

Viral video: The car’s driver swung in front of the lorry, forcing it to slam on its brakes

One user wrote: “Guy did this to me yesterday then proceeded to chase me for 10 miles pointing his fingers at me like a gun.”

Another shared: “I wouldn’t have even moved when he tried to merge. Go, slam into my semi. See where it gets you.”

One person commented: “Never understood the thinking behind getting one car ahead in heavy traffic that’s likely to last for miles.”

One driver was recently caught on camera suffering a dose of instant karma, after trying to overtake a car on a two-way road.

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