Cruise ships are constantly battling dangerous storms when out at sea during journeys across the oceans.

One cruise liner, however, struggled before it had even left the port.

A viral video shows a Carnival Cruise ship struggling to stay stable whilst passengers were boarding.

Thankfully no-one was harmed whilst attempting to climb the ship.

cruise liner storm video passengersYoutube

A cruise video shows passengers struggling to board during a storm

Five men on the cruise liner are seen with life jackets around their neck

The Youtube video, filmed in 2008, has since had over 150,000 views.

As passengers board the ship, five men on the cruise liner are seen with life jackets around their neck. They then grab people as they board the ship.

However, the ship then sways metres above and below the smaller ship with the passengers on, making it much harder to step on.

Despite their best efforts to keep it still, the boat is seen dropping heavily as they wait to pull the passengers on.

cruise liner storm video passengers

The cruise video shows passengers behind helped onboard as it sways in the sea

Youtube users were torn about the danger the passengers were really in.

One wrote: “It’s not a big deal! You have four hands grabbing you.”

However, others may not have boarded the ship themselves as the storm rolled in.

Another commented: “They’re endangering people’s safety. They should have postponed boarding.”

cruise liner storm video passengersYoutube

The cruise passengers then struggled to board as the walkway swayed

A terrifying cruise video recently showed what happens as it floats near a hurricane.

The ship is seen fighting the winds, whilst passengers took shelter within the ship.

The deck chairs are swirled around and thrown off the ship as a man holds the doors shut.

It makes for a frightening watch.

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