mexico earthquake tsunami new zealand

The earthquake in Mexico has caused a tsunami warning for New Zealand

The Tsunami warning has been issued in New Zealand after an earthquake hit Mexico just days earlier.

At least 58 people have been killed by the earthquake, which has also triggered a tsunami warning.

The tsunami was confirmed by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre and is due to hit near the south of Mexico.

Warning have been issued for other surrounding countries including Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica. 

It could now also hit New Zealand which is being caught up in wave of disasters.

However, it could now also hit New Zealand which is being caught up in a wave of disasters.

The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency has issued a tsunami warning for beaches and any marine areas.

They have stated that whilst there is no need to evacuate the land civilians should avoid swimming in the water and shore areas.

mexico earthquake tsunami new zealand

Tsunami warnings are in place for New Zealand, but no evacuation warnings as of yet

Talking on Twitter, they wrote: “A beach and marine tsunami warning is in effect for parts of New Zealand following the 8.2 magnitude Mexico earthquake.

“The beach and marine tsunami warning applies to Chatham Islands, Pegasus Bay, Northern Coasts of Hawke’s Bay and East Cape only.

“The first tsunami activity is expected to reach areas around Chatham Islands and East Cape at approximately 7.00am on 9 September.

“Unusually strong and hazardous currents and unpredictable surges are expected near beaches in harbours and estuaries.

“Tsunami activity will continue for several hours. Follow instructions of local civil defence authorities.”

mexico earthquake tsunami new zealand

The tsunami warning in New Zealand has been triggered by the Mexican earthquake which has killed 32

The current string of natural disasters are following the tragic destruction of many Caribbean islands by Hurricane Irma.

The island of Barbuda has already been partially destroyed as the hurricane makes its way to Florida.

The category 4 hurricane is also joined by Hurricane Katia and Hurricane Jose which are also threatening the islands.

Many flights and cruises have been cancelled as evacuation warnings cause British travellers to flee.

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