ryanair flights cancelled

Ryanair is to cancel up to 50 flights a day until the end of October

Ryanair is cancelling 40 to 50 flights a day for the next six weeks, the airline has announced.

It is thought that up to 9,000 passengers flying with the low-cost airline are to be affected up until the end of October.

The airline has stated it is to “improve its system-wide punctuality” after their 90 per cent of flights arriving on time drops to 80 per cent in recent weeks.

Whilst the cuts affect just 2 per cent of flights, many are unhappy after being left with failed holiday plans.

Ryanair passengers have taken to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

Kirstin Arisen told the airline: “Absolutely disgraceful that you’ve cancelled our flight without explanation.

“You are single-handedly ruining a hen party.”

Others wrote about how they were unable to find replacement flights.

Denis Mahon wrote on Twitter: “Cancel a flight at 2 days notice – only offer a flight for 3 days later! Holiday plans up in smoke.”

ryanair flights cancelled

Ryanair has blamed weather and strikes for the increased late flights

This has happened through a combination of ATC capacity delays and strikes [and] weather disruptions

Ryanair released a statement saying: “Ryanair, today announced that it would cancel 40-50 flights daily for the next six weeks, to the end of October, to improve its system-wide punctuality which has fallen below 80 per cent in the first two weeks of September.

“This has happened through a combination of ATC capacity delays and strikes, weather disruptions and the impact of increased holiday allocations to pilots and cabin crew as the airline moves to allocate annual leave during a 9 month transition period.

“Ryanair apologises sincerely for the inconvenience caused to customers by these cancellations.

“Customers will be contacted directly about this small number of cancellations and offered alternative flights or full refunds.”

ryanair flights cancelled

Ryanair flights are expected to affect 9,000 travellers in the next six weeks

Travellers affected by the flight cancellations should check if they are entitled to compensation.

Martin Lewis has previously revealed how passengers could claim up to £550 depending on the situation.

Usually, flights that are cancelled for three hours or more mean compensation is allowed.

If it is under three hours, whilst not allowing a full compensation claim, passengers must still be looked after, be it food vouchers or smaller amounts of money back.

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