Ryanair luggage rules have changed in a bid to tackle the flight delays caused by oversized luggage.

Passengers often travel with both a small bag and a cabin sized suitcase which were previously allowed within the ticket.

As many reportedly took bags that broke the size rules, the low-cost airline has announced new changes that are to hit passengers wallets.

They will come into place by 1 November, however, what do the new changes mean and how much is allowed onboard?

ryanair flights hand luggage rules

Ryanair’s hand luggage rules are set to change by 1 November

The new changes now mean that those wanting to still be allowed to bring both bags into the cabin will need to purchase priority boarding

What can I take in the cabin with me?

The previous rules allowed any standard flight ticket passenger to take a small handbag, no bigger than 35cm x 20cm x 20cm as well as a cabin bag or suitcase, no bigger than 55cm x 40cm x 20cm and 10kg in weight.

The new changes now mean that those wanting to still be allowed to bring both bags into the cabin will need to purchase priority boarding, which includes their Flexi-Plus, Family Plus or Plus options.

This costs £5 when booking tickets online, and also means passengers are permitted to board the plane before standard passengers.

Priority boarding can also be added at a later date for £6, up to one hour before the flight is due to depart.

ryanair flights hand luggage rules

Ryanair are allowing passengers to put they cabin bag into the fold for free at boarding

What if I don’t have priority boarding?

Passengers who don’t choose priority boarding will instead have another option regarding their luggage.

Those not wanting to pay this fee and still wanting to travel with their cabin bag (under 10kg) will automatically be able to put it into the hold for free.

Passengers will be asked to put it into the hold when at the boarding gate, where they can then collect it from the carousel at their destination airport.

Anyone attempting to take a suitcase bigger than this and don’t check it in could be charged a fee of £50 for it to be placed in the hold.

Another new change for both priority and non-priority travellers regards any checked in luggage.

Any larger bags can be checked in for £25, which the new rules have reduced from £30.

The new rules have also increased the luggage weight from 15kg to 20kg.

ryanair flights hand luggage rules

Ryanair now only allows two bags onboard with priory boarding bookings

The hand luggage shake up comes just months after Jet2.com airline announced that passengers must pay to ensure their hand luggage doesn’t go into the hold.

Neil Sorahan, chief financial officer at Ryanair, said at the time: “I’ve seen two-year-olds wheeling a bag up to a plane as people try to take advantage.

“We’re very generous with our cabin baggage allowance. It’s the people coming with the kitchen sink that could change the policy.”

However, with the new changes in place, it is hoped to prevent passengers flouting the rules that are set in place.

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