From haunted islands to churches filled with bones, there’s no shortage of show-stopping fear

The earth is an enormous place and some of its surfaces are best off avoided.

YouTube channel Top Lists has rounded up the 10 creepiest places on earth.

Some are forbidden for humans to enter and the others would tempt only the most extreme adventurer.

From haunted islands to churches filled with bones, there’s no shortage of show-stopping fear in this eerie lineup.

10. Catacombs of Paris

Europe’s cities have experienced issues with burial space right throughout history.

In the French capital, bodies and bones were piled on top of each other, with others dug up and stuffed into buildings when space ran out in cemeteries.

These cemeteries were eventually closed and their contents removed.

Human remains were sent to mining tunnels underneath the city, which are now called the Catacombs of Paris.

Holding the bones of an estimated six million bodies, the catacombs often lure daredevils who gain illegal access – a task so dangerous it has led to several deaths.

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The top 10 creepiest places in the world have been revealed

9. The Prehistoric Forest

Set in the Irish Hills, Michigan, this safari opened in the 1960s, filled with fibreglass dinosaurs.

Since the park closed in 1999, the prehistoric animals have been left to rot, slowly engulfed by the surrounding vegetation.

8. Chapel of Bones, Portugal

A 16th century monk built this creepy chapel from the bones of 5,000 monks.

Skulls line the walls and two mummified corpses – one of which is a child – dangle from the roof.

7. Muynak, Uzbekistan

A once prosperous city filled with tens of thousands of people, Muynak is now abandoned.

It used to be a coastal town until Soviet agricultural projects started pumping the water away in the 1950s.

So much water was drained that Muynak is now an arid, dry area miles from any coast.

Several rusting fishing boats remain, which now rest on dust and sand.

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Creepy places – Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave, holds the remains of 14 skeletons

6. Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic

Also known as the bone church, this ossuary is built from human bones.

About 40,000 people’s remains have been used to construct this eerie building, formed in the 19th century.

5. Pripyat, Ukraine

Once home to 50,000 people, Pripyat has been a ghost town since 1986.

Lying near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the area was evacuated when the site melted down and no one has been allowed to live there ever since.

4. Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave, Belize

Not for the fainthearted, the journey to this cave is a treacherous one.

Travellers have to walk through the jungle and then swim to reach the haunted site.

The thousand-year-old cave was once a Mayan sacrificial ground, with 14 skeletons buried there.

Most well known is the skeleton of the Crstyal Maiden, cemented to the floor in a disturbingly preserved position.

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Creepy places – the Island of the Dolls is filled with bizarre toys

3. Island of Dolls, Mexico

The body of a small girl once washed up on this bizarre island, along with a doll.

Don Julian Santana Barrera – the island’s caretaker – began to string dolls along the island to pay respect to her.

Don grew obsessed with the creepy hobby, continuing it for 50 years until 2001, when his own body washed up in the exact same spot as the girl’s once did.

Creepy dolls remain hanging over trees and propped on fences over this haunted Mexican waterway.

2. Mount Everest

The upper end of the world’s tallest mountain is known as the death zone.

Almost 300 people have died and more than 150 of the bodies remain there.

Bringing the bodies down the mountain is all but impossible in some cases, with the deadly task having caused more deaths in the past.

Some of the remaining bodies are now important signposts for other climbers who make the extreme trek.

1. Centralia, Pennsylvania

In 1962, a fire broke out in a coal mine beneath the town of Centralia – and never went out.

The town has since been abandoned, with the blaze still burning.

Buildings in the area have been bulldozed, forcing cracks through the roads, where dangerous steam from below leaks through.

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