birmingham airport flights

Late night flights have been restricted at Birmingham Airport

The new proposals have been approved by Solihull Council’s planning committee, which will ban extra late night flights and prevent older aircrafts with loud engines from flying at night.

This marks a change in policy direction, as previous plans did not outrule noisier airplanes flying late from Birmingham Airport.

The new Night Flying Policy will come into effect in October and run for the next three years, until 2021.

Its expected to provide more effective means for the authorities to control and monitor night time noise levels.

We welcome Solihull Council’s support for the new Night Flying Policy which is in place for the next three years

Airport spokesperson

According to the Birmingham Post, the new proposals prevent an increase in the number of late night flights taking off between 11.30pm and 5am.

It also reduces the night noise limit from 85 decibels (dBA) to 83, although this may later drop to 81dBA.

An airport spokesperson commented: “We welcome Solihull Council’s support for the new Night Flying Policy which is in place for the next three years.

“We also thank them for their positive comments about the airport’s approach to community engagement and the way in which it has worked in collaboration with key community representatives throughout this process.”

The airport also has a Sound Insulation Scheme which provides sound-proof glazing to properties in nearby areas affected by aircraft noise.

birmingham airport flights

The new proposals will ban extra late night flights

In addition the airport’s website states: “Birmingham Airport has long recognised that noise is a consequence of our operations.

“Over the years we have developed a comprehensive noise management programme to minimise disturbance to our local neighbours.”

The airport flies to 150 destinations worldwide and celebrated its busiest year in history last year, with a record 13 million passengers passing through its terminal in 2017.

However, noise levels generated by airports are of increasing concern to local residents.

Last month, London Luton Airport revealed that it had received a over 15,000 noise complaints in the last three years, up 800 per cent.

However, only half of these complaints had been made by the same five people.

In addition, Glasgow Airport has recently upset local people after a proposed flight plan is expected to bring ‘50mph road’ noise pollution to the airport’s surrounding residential areas. has contacted Solihull Council for a comment.

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