barcelona safe catalan referendum riots

Is Barcelona safe following the Catalan referendum violence?

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations for British travellers to choose a holiday.

However, the city has currently been hit by a wave of riots following the Catalan referendum.

The controversial voting has been seen as illegal by the Spanish government, despite many Catalans choosing to head to the voting booths despite this.

It has been met with dangerous clashes between the police and the people, so is it still safe to travel to Barcelona?

Even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can escalate and turn confrontational

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has warned travellers of the political unrest and to stay aware.

The website states: “Demonstrations have taken place in Barcelona and other areas of the Catalonia region and may continue for some days.

“They may occur with little or no warning and even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can escalate and turn confrontational.

“You should exercise caution if you’re in the vicinity.

“Demonstrations may also cause some disruption and delays to transport services.”

Those who do choose to travel to the region should remain cautious and stay away from the central squares and voting stations.

barcelona safe catalan referendum riots

Barcelona is currently experiencing violence following Catalan voters and Spanish police clashes

However, the recent images to emergence from the city have shown many “unarmed voters” drenched in blood from rubber bullets.

Around 337 people have been injured so far according to the Catalan government.

Many of the Catalan voters are describing the voting as a peaceful protest, yet has now been met by violence by the police.

An Israeli MP told Sky News journalist Mark Stone: “We saw a lot of unarmed peaceful people and we saw police shooting bullets at them.

“It seems to be escalating. I did not expect this at all from European democracy.”

It is set to cause even more division in the country,

barcelona safe catalan referendum riots

Barcelona is a popular British holiday destination, so tourists are warned to stay vigilant

Travellers heading to Spain should also be aware of the constant threat of terrorism in the country.

In August, two terror attacks happened in the country in Barcelona and Cambril.

Spain is still a high threat for terror attacks, especially in places frequented by foreigners and tourists.

Those travelling should be on alert in popular areas at all times.

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