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Home safety is one of Britons top concerns when leaving it empty during a holiday

Home safety is a concern for most Britons heading abroad, and whether they have locked all of the doors and windows.

In fact, according to safe.co.uk. nearly half of the British population (47 per cent) feel anxious leaving their home unattended for a holiday.

One in three even admits to turning back to check something before a holiday, causing unnecessary stress and delays.

With the nights getting darker, homes are prime for burglars to prey on with break-ins much more frequent during winter.

37 per cent admitted they leave their home for a holiday without any home security in place at all

Burglars may be looking for any home that presents an easy opportunity to break into with the longer darker nights, allowing them to slip in easier.

The survey spoke to over 2,000 people in the UK, and found that 37 per cent admitted they leave their home for a holiday without any home security in place at all.

This could then affect insurance claims if returning from a holiday to find their home has been broken into.

Claims can also be affected by anyone posting on social media about their holiday, with many celebrities falling victim to this after it alerts thieves that a home is empty.

home safety holiday security

Home safety can be put at risk more during the darker nights

Security expert Anthony Neary of safe.co.uk warned, “It’s clear from the research that, as a nation, we are guilty of some pretty bad security traits, at home and on the move.

“It seems that home security is often last on the to-do list before a holiday.

“But the reality is that burglars are savvy to your movements and will use the darker autumn evenings as an opportunity to scope out properties.”

A former burglar has revealed some of the top tricks to stop your home being targeted on holiday.

home safety holiday security

Home safety is also put at risk by travellers posting their whereabouts on holiday

Co-presenter of Beat the Burglar Michael Fraser told Express.co.uk what the best thing to use is to deter burglars.

He revealed: “Don’t put a calendar facing the back window in your kitchen, as a burglar will use it to see when you are away.”

Sharing pictures of passports, or checking into an airport is also a big no-no.

Jon Craven, CEO of Together Mutual Insurance confirmed: “We know from our social media research that there is a significant level of risk posed online when people travel abroad that could be affecting the security of households across the UK.”

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