Google Maps Street View cars often see the weirdest images from around the world.

From people to objects, it can unearth many baffling sights that can’t be explained.

The famous car has also been caught up in some terrifying incidents, with it being spotted being chased by this shocking object.

Despite the shock, nobody is harmed by the close call.

google maps street view planeGoogle

Google Maps Street View gets chased by this terrifying object

The unknown location shows the Google Maps car driving along an arid desert dirt track, with no one else in sight.

As the car continues to drive, something small in the distance can be seen closing in.

On closer examination, a light aircraft appears to be coming into land as it quickly descends next to the car.

Just metres away, it comes very close to the Google Maps car.

google maps street view planeGoogle

Google Maps Street View spots the plane as it flies metres past

The plane can then be seen parked further up the road, with a man in front of the plane that says “Save The Elephants” on the tail of it.

It’s not the first time a plane has caused confusion on Google Maps.

One Google image in Sao Paulo showed a very low flying plane that looks to be very close to the buildings around it.

But not all is as it seems when it comes to the odd image.

google maps street view planeGoogle

Google Maps Street View then spots the plane and it’s pilot

The low-flying plane is actually attached to a metallic statue.

Regarding its origin, Google Maps fans remain unsure of the reason behind it.

Even the tail of the plane is a mystery, which reads “Voando Reciclagem” which roughly translates to “Flying Recycling.”

It remains another mystery which is yet to be solved on Google Maps.

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