ethihad airways payment plan holiday

Etihad Airways has launched a payment plan scheme to help low income families

Long-haul flights can often be a large expense for families heading abroad.

Many may opt to put the expense on a credit card and pay it off over time – but now there’s a new option and it could revolutionse the way people buy flights.

Etihad Airways passengers can use a new payment plan method to pay off the price of flights in instalments.

It is hoped to be able to help low-income families afford a holiday.

We were really looking at how we can assist those low to medium income travellers and families

Justin Warby

The payment plan, called PayFort, means that instead of one lump sum for flights, passengers can pay it off between three to 60 months, depending on the bank.

When booking a flight, they can choose the “Pay by Instalment” choice to use this new scheme.

Justin Warby, Etihad Airways Vice President Digital Strategy and Innovation said: “Etihad is committed to continually enhancing the travel experience by providing greater choice and flexibility to our guests.

“We understand travel can be a significant expense, especially for families and those on a tight budget, so this new initiative is a great way for people to book and enjoy their travel without having to worry about paying in one large sum.

“When we were designing this product we were really looking at how we can assist those low to medium income travellers and families.”

ethihad airways payment plan holiday

Etihad fliers can pay up to 60 month instalments to pay for their flights

Available by September 22, it is a revolutionary new way for passengers to travel.

It isn’t the first modernisation attempt at the travel industry, as a new app hopes to change how people fly first class.

The new app, called SeatFrog, offers travellers to bid on a seat in first class for a set price.

This means that, in theory, passengers could get a first class seat for super cheap prices.

ethihad airways payment plan holiday

Etihad are hoping to help families pay for their flights easier

Currently only available for train seats, it is hoping to launch for flights as well by the end of the year.

Those travelling with Virgin Trains can currently start a bid of £5 for a first class seat.

The app then bids up to the highest number, alerting the passenger thirty minutes before their train is due to depart if they have won.

It is hoped to stop business class seats from going empty.

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