Cruise holidays could be at risk if passengers forget a form of identification.

To board a cruise ship, passengers must have some form of ID, most often a passport.

Even UK cruises require an ID, be it a driving license or similar official document.

An 80-year-old female passenger was banned from boarding her UK cruise after she failed to carry any ID.

We need confirmation that the guest is who they say they are when boarding the vessel

Fred Olsen spokesman

Shelagh Doyle attempted to board a one-week cruise with Fred Olsen around Scotland after paying £950 for the trip, according to the Independent.

However she was banned from boarding, along with three other passengers, after she was found without any identification.

She was told to call the customer service line, although this was closed or had a full mailbox at the time.

Ms Doyle tried to later board the ship after being given her ID by her grandson, although she was unable to locate where the cruise ship had moored.

While it was meant to be at Kirkwall, according to the itinerary, it was actually at Orkney.

Cruises: Boarding ban without passport

Cruises: A passenger was banned from boarding after forgetting one key item (Image:

Cruises: Boarding ban without passport

Cruises: ID such as a passport must be carried to board the ship (Image:

A Fred Olsen spokesman confirmed to “We can confirm that a guest was denied boarding to Black Watch ahead of its ‘Lochs of Scotland’ sailing in September due to having no photographic ID.

“Our ship’s security plan under the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code requires us to have photo ID for security purposes.

“We need confirmation that the guest is who they say they are when boarding the vessel. Our responsibility is to make sure that guests are aware that photo ID is required.

“The guest in question was notified both verbally and in writing at different times prior to travel that this was needed.

“It is regrettable that on this occasion when the guest was denied boarding, the letter given failed to include out-of-hours contact details, and we have since altered this accordingly. The guest was phoned by a member of our head office team first thing on Monday morning and given procedures on how to join the vessel.

“As a gesture of goodwill, the guest was offered a future cruise discount voucher equating to the value of her travel expenses to join the ship.”

Passengers should always check what form of ID they need to be able to board the ship as different cruise lines may require different documents depending on the destinations.

Cruises: Boarding ban without passport

Cruises: Passengers should always check what form of ID is needed for their cruise holiday (Image:

The latest warning advises anyone boarding to check their passport is not in their suitcase before entering the ship.

Most cruise lines take passenger’s suitcases to put them in their cabin room.

However, if the passport is in the suitcase, it can cause a lot of problems when entering the ship.

It can take much longer when attempting to locate the bag among thousands of other passenger’s suitcases that are being loaded onto the ship.

A passenger on forum Cruise Critic warned: “One of my tips is, don’t pack your passport in your luggage or you will not be let onboard until they find your luggage among thousands of luggage.”

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