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A cruise ship battled choppy weather which caused passengers to vomit for the six hour journey

The MV Balmoral cruise, owned by White Funnel Ltd was travelling between Liverpool and North Wales when the incident occurred.

Shortly after it left the port at 9am, it hit huge waves and choppy sea conditions near New Brighton which caused the chaos onboard.

Passengers were forced to create a ‘human chain’ to move around the ship whilst the floor was covered in vomit.

Many people have taken to social media to complain and believe the journey shouldn’t have taken place.

Gaynor Russell, a passenger on the ship, told Liverpool Echo: “It was absolutely unbelievable.

“We got on board and it was so full that 12 people actually got off.

“There were no seats and people were sat on the floor in the corridor and in the stairwell, others were sat in plastic chairs – there were just people everywhere.

“But it wasn’t until we got past New Brighton that we started swaying from side to side and that’s when people started vomiting.”

cruise storm weather vomitLiverpool Echo

The cruise caused chaos onboard as people vomited on the floor

They were being sick out the window or on the floor

Gaynor RussellMany of the passengers were older or with kids, causing problems for them as they were

Many of the passengers were older or with kids, causing problems for them as they were thrown about.

It also meant that the facilities onboard were overrun with people as 400 people were on the journey, and the bathrooms full of vomit.

“They were being sick out the window or on the floor it was only afterwards that staff came around with sick bags for people.

“There were people falling over, crying, one woman collapsed in the toilet and was just left there.

“We had to make a human chain to move around and let people go to the toilet which had a backed up queue, and that was covered in vomit as well.”

Express Online has contacted White Funnel Ltd for comment.

cruise storm weather vomit

The MV Balmoral Cruise chaos means many are now claiming refunds

Gaynor also told the Echo that many were told to complain to White Funnel Ltd directly when they left the ship.

She stated: “We want a full refund and won’t ever be going on this boat again.”

White Funnel issued a statement earlier today on their Facebook page, commenting: “Our small office team is experiencing a high volume of calls this Monday morning. 

“Our telephone lines tend to quieten down in the afternoon/later in the week.”

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