british tourist venice crime

A British tourist handed in a huge sum of money when stumbling across the windfall in Venice

A British holidaymaker shocked police officers in Italy when recently on holiday.

The 67-year-old woman – who hasn’t been named – stumbled across a huge sum of money when on holiday in Venice.

The plastic bag was found to contain €2,400 (£2,700) in cash near Rio de Tre Ponit canal.

However what she did next shocked the local police force.

The Londoner spotted the windfall at around 9pm on Saturday

Instead of keeping it for herself, she handed the money into the station.

The London-based woman decided against keeping it, something the police station stated had shown unusually honest and principled behaviour.

The Londoner spotted the windfall at around 9pm on Saturday night, according to Italian website La Nuova di Venezia during a tour around Italy.

It was reported that the police found it likely to be linked to criminal activity according to Italian media.

british tourist venice crime

The British tourist shocked police officers with her honey after finding the €2,400

The woman from the UK was also apparently a mother to a police officer, therefore understanding of the work they do.

She also praised the work of the police across Europe in light of recent terrorist attacks.

People on Twitter also praised the anonymous woman for her amazingly good deed.

One tweeted: “What an honest lady!”

british tourist venice crime

The British tourist was thought to have come across crime-related money

The mayor of Venice recently pledged to increase security measures after the recent terror attacks to plague Spain and France.

The city was previously affected by terrorism when Venetian student Valeria Solesin, 28, was slain at the Bataclan music hall in Paris.

Venetian mayor Luigi Brugnaro stated: “We will continue to increase it because we must make the city and its citizens feel that we are there, that we are able to react.

“We defend ourselves in Venice.”

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