british airways bed bugs symptoms signs

British Airways passengers were bitten by bed bugs on their flight to London

British Airways passengers discovered the gruesome creatures after flying from Vancouver to London.

Heather Szilagyi was travelling with her fiancé Eric Neilson and her eight-year-old daughter when they spotted the bugs.

They complained to a flight attendant upon spotting them but were not able to change seats, as they were told: “We don’t have anywhere to move you.”

When the three passengers woke up the next morning – still on the flight – it was clear Heather and her daughter had been bitten.

British Airways has since apologised to the customers.

Ms Szilagyi told CTV: ”We were not asking for a refund. All we were asking for was a flight on a different plane, to make sure it was a different plane, to make sure that the plane that was infested with bed bugs was taken care of.”

Due to the flight being full, the passenger said there “wasn’t really anything I could do about it”.

Ms Szilagyi explained: “Me and my daughter are both really sensitive to insect bites, so she was just covered just all over. I’ve still got a really infected one.

Despite the trauma, Ms Szilagyi is worried about the attention she is getting from it, stating: ”It’s horrible for me because all these people think that we’re just wanting attention and wanting to sue a company, but this is not what I want to be known for.

“I don’t want to be ‘bed bug girl’.”

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British Airways has apologises to the customers after the incident

British Airways said sorry to the passengers for what happened

Regarding the issue, British Airways said sorry to the passengers for what happened, with it being a rare occurrence.

British Airways told “We have been in touch with our customer to apologise and investigate further.

“British Airways operates more than 280,000 flights every year, and reports of bed bugs onboard are extremely rare. Nevertheless, we are vigilant and continually monitor our aircraft.

“The presence of bed bugs is an issue faced occasionally by hotels and airlines all over the world.”

british airways bed bugs symptoms signs

British Airways have since upgraded the passengers who were bitten by bed bugs

Ms Szilagyi posted to Twitter after failing to get through to customer service and since has received an upgrade to business class flights for their trip back to Canada.

Bed bugs can blight any holiday with painful welts and bites.

Britons can avoid bringing them back from a trip abroad by not putting their suitcases on a bed, the popular home to the bugs when in a hotel.

If bitten by them, washing all clothes and sheets on a high heat as well as using a tumble drier can get rid of the beasts.

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